Derrick Macutay

Between the interplay of man and technology, the works of the artist Macutay forces the question: with whom does the actual humanity lie? It sometimes seems as we have been robbed of our souls by machines; evil is seen as inherent in these non-living products of man’s goals.

“The inspirations for my paintings revolve around the use and abuse relationships between man and technology.” Furtherance of this theme bestows on the non-living humanistic aspects, especially those that seem to be misplaced in persons today. Surrendering in the place of pilferage.

Macutay’s obvious concern for the time’s soul is the result of a daily and direct confrontation with cyberspace, hypermedia and other embodiments of the technological life force. Having formally studied art in the University of Sto. Tomas and trained with Angono Masters, Derrick has always been dead-on in his critique and rendering of the way the spirit and science come to terms with one another, terms that shape the coming days.